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We helped this young man purchase a home using a first-time home buyer program. Our lender helped him qualify for a state and federal grant program that helped him pay the 3% down payment for the home. He recently called us again, ready to purchase another home!

Here is a wonderful family who thought they would never own a home! Our team helped them purchase a home for the same amount that they were paying in rent. Using a first-time home buyer program, they got into this home for only $1,000. 

This single mom dreamed of moving her and her sons out of the city of San Francisco and buying a suburban home with a yard. Her dream came true when she met us! Using a first-time home buyer program, she was able to get state grant money to help her with the down payment, and through negotiation, we were able to get the bank to pay her closing costs. Can you believe she got into this beautiful home with only a $1,000 deposit?

This single dad was looking to purchase a home for under $300,000 with a house payment under $1,200 a month. We were able to find him this home the week it was going into auction. We got the bank to postpone the auction and let us buy the home, which made it possible for him to get a great deal AND get exactly what he was looking for. The house sold for $130,000 and his house payment was under $1,200.

This young woman was told by other real estate agents that she needed to have at least $3,000 to $4,000 for a down payment to buy  a home. When she came to us for help, we were able to get her into a beautiful home for only $1,000 as the deposit. If you feel as if you are not being listened to, call us. We will listen to your needs and desires and make things happen!

This woman called us looking for a rental with  3 to 4 bedrooms for her family. However, we were able to find her a house to purchase that was cheaper than what rent was going for at that time. By using one of our suggested first time home buyer programs, all she needed to get into the home was $1,000! We are more than willing to help you find a rental, but if you are in the position to buy and it is cheaper than renting, we will help find you the perfect home to purchase.

The Montes family came to us looking to purchase their first home. They had been turned down by several other realtors and lenders who could not find a way to use a first time home buyer program because the husband made too much money. However, our team found a solution with the help of our lender to get them into a home using this program! We were able to get them into this home with only a $2,100 down payment. We have creative solutions to meet our clients needs and go above and beyond to help them find the perfect home!

This family came to us saying they had to be out of the home they were renting because the owner was going into foreclosure. They wanted to purchase their first home but were concerned about the price of a house payment versus the price of renting. What they didn't know was they could find a home with a house payment less than or equivalent to what they were paying in rent, and sure enough, our team found them a home with a $1,200 house payment! They are now home owners and do not have to worry about someone telling them they have to move!

This couple commuted to San Francisco every day and wanted to find a home in an area that would make that commute a little easier. With the help of our team, they found a 5 bedroom home with a pool in the San Marco area, near the Pittsburg bart station. They now have a beautiful home and an easier commute to the city!

In 2014, Cindy Stevens found their dream home on Bethel Island- a 2 acre farm that provided them with the space they always longed for, allowing them to house horses, goats, chickens, and more. After hearing of this opportunity, the young couple decided to sell their first house and purchase their dream home, making their real estate dreams come true!

A young man fighting in Afghanistan called Cindy, asking for her help in finding a house for his wife and two children back home. Using a VA loan, Cindy was able to find a beautiful, move-in condition home for his family while he was away. When he returned, he had a beautiful house and family waiting for him. 

This couple was searching for a brand new home, never previously occupied. However, at the time they did not qualify for this price range, so Cindy helped them purchase a used home in their price range and advised them to wait a couple years in order to acquire equity on their house. After following Cindy's advise, the couple was able to sell their home and use the profit to purchase a brand new, customized home of their choosing. 

This young couple was expecting their second child and hoping to purchase their first home before their baby girl was born. Cindy and her team found them a house and got them into escrow in just a couple of days, and then proceeded to close escrow in just 30 days. They were able to move into their new home and settle down before their baby was born.

This single woman came to Cindy a few years ago, wanting to purchase her first home. She found a beautiful townhouse by the water in Pittsburgh, and within two years, the home value rose significantly. Because of this fortunate development, she decided to go back to Cindy in order to sell her home. The profit she made by selling allowed her to build her dream home in another state. 

In 2008, this young couple purchased their first home through Cindy Stevens, using a first-time home buyer program which paid the down payment, as well as the closing costs.

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